Hanna Haponiuk, painter

Nature has been the main inspiration for her works. Distant view on the horizon and close-up on a detail can be an impulse that triggers the creation. Patch of colour in paintings, tone in watercolours, and line in drawings are just means for transforming emotions into a visual form. In her paintings Hanna Haponiuk shows the diversity of textures, colours, lights and shadows. She discovers the everyday wonders of nature with her two sons and her husband at the seaside in Gdynia, where they live. Sea, the most magical of all landscapes, has often featured in Hanna's works. Another theme is the garden - abounding in flowers and trees, seen through rain and in the sunlight. Herself a keen gardener Hanna feels the natural energy of plants. See Hanna's portfolio and let her paintings speak for themselves.

Hanna Haponiuk received her formal art training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. Graduated in 1995. She has created a few hundred of pieces of art, which can be found in private collections worldwide.

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